Volunteer at BNH!

BNH Impact statement

At Brantford Native Housing, we are deeply committed to the revitalization and support of Indigenous communities through housing and programs. Over the years, our efforts have transformed lives, providing more than just homes but also a sense of belonging and cultural reconnection. Our initiatives work to reduce homelessness within the Indigenous populations in our community, foster community well-being, and preserve cultural heritage.

Philosophy of volunteer involvement

Community volunteers are the heartbeat of many organizations, especially small non-profits. They embody values of compassion, respect, and community, playing a pivotal role in bringing agency missions to life. Through their dedication, we’re able to extend our reach, deepen our impact, and strengthen our ties to the communities we serve. Volunteers offer a unique blend of skills, perspectives, and energies that enrich our programs and the lives of those we help. We see our volunteers as ambassadors of change, crucial to our vision of a future where every Indigenous household in our community has access to supportive, culturally resonant housing. Our hope is to continue growing this community of volunteers, fostering a space where everyone is inspired to contribute to the collective well-being of Indigenous peoples.

value proposition

• Direct involvement in combating Indigenous homelessness and supporting community well-being.
• Being part of a movement that values cultural preservation and community empowerment.
• Enhancing personal growth and understanding of Indigenous cultures and issues.

BNH qualities

• Compassionate
• Community-focused
• Culturally aware
• Innovative
• Empowering

Benefits for volunteers

• Gaining insight into Indigenous cultures and community needs.
• Opportunities for personal and professional development.
• Being part of a supportive and like-minded community.
• Experiencing the satisfaction of making a tangible difference.
• Access to training and cultural enrichment activities.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out the form below and send it to our BNH office