Program Goals

We proudly extend an extensive array of enriching opportunities aimed at fostering a profound connection, or reconnection, with cultural heritage for the Urban Indigenous community of Brantford. Our comprehensive suite of resources encompasses an assortment of classes, workshops, enlightening information sessions, and various other avenues for engagement.

In essence, our mission is to create an immersive and holistic cultural revival experience, offering a diverse array of opportunities for personal growth, communal bonding, and the rekindling of ancestral ties.

housing service

programming support

Brantford Native Housing strives to provide holistic and culturally suitable programming for the Urban Indigenous population. Programs are open to Branford Native Housing clients, tenants, and any Indigenous community members residing in the urban and rural areas of Brantford and Brant-County.



OAHS Photovoice Project

Brantford Native Housing Recently took part in a participatory action based research (photovoice) project with Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services (OAHS) with 21 service providers including BNH.

Photovoice is a participatory action research method that employs photography and group dialogue as a means for marginalized individuals to deepen their understanding of a community issue or concern. The visual images and accompanying stories are the tools used to reach policy- and decision-makers. The aim of this research method is to improve conditions by making changes at the community level.

To watch the 2023 photovoice research project, please view the video below.

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