Community Outreach

Brantford Native Housing services Indigenous households in Brantford and the urban homeless community. Even though Brantford Native Housing is an Indigenous led agency who’s mandate is to serve Indigenous peoples, our agency accounts for the non-Indigneous homeless community in our outreach services. Brantford Native Housing provides the following services through out our homeless service window:

  • Food Provisions.
  • Cultural Supplies – ex. smudging items.
  • Clothing and hygiene products.
  • Harm reduction supplies & first aid/medical items.
  • Safe contraception supplies.
  • Access to BNH housing information & applications

In addition to Brantford Native Housing’s service window, our Outreach Team conducts routine checkins with our frequented homeless clients at their motels, encampment sites and other common urban Brantford areas. It is important for our agency to coordinate with our homeless community members and make sure they are doing okay. Brantford Native Housing uses its Journey Van -Coats outreach van to connect with our homeless community. Brantford Native Housing uses its Journey Van for the following services:

To promote BNH’s housing services for Urban Indigenous peoples and support our existing clients. To provide outreach in encampments and connect people with support services.