Native Housing

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Brantford Native Housing - Office Seniors Building Eight unit property

HOTINOHSIONI INCORPORATED ( Brantford Native Housing )

Brantford Native Housing was founded in 1986 as non-profit Charitable organization which works to provide housing for people of Native ancestry who are of low income. Statistics point out the numerous socio-economic problems facing Native people. One of these problems most certainly, is the fact that many live in substandard housing at unaffordable rents, and so often have to put up with landlords that are intimidating and insensitive to their needs.

The Board firmly believes in basic human rights and establishes policies on the following principles:

  1. Access to a safe, affordable and secure place to live in peace and dignity.
  2. Freedom from discrimination based on level of income, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, creed, age, family status, marital status, sexual orientation, presence of children, receipt of public assistance, citizenship, employment status or social condition.
  3. Secure tenure, establishing the right of all people to a home and to a safe and healthy environment; preventing eviction for convenience, profit or as a means of punishment; stopping economic eviction by unpredictable and unaffordable rent increases, or eviction by violence or harassment; recognizing the rights of women, children and others to maintain their homes free from violence and especially the rights of Aboriginal communities their culture and traditions.
  4. Community services for health, work, income, transportation, childcare and education.
  5. Resources for Aboriginal groups and individuals, including financial, legal, political and organizational support.