Types of Housing BNH Offers

Traditional Housing

Residents in our transitional homes can stay in our facilities for up to 1-year while focusing on attaining affordable housing in the community. It is important to note BNH transitional units are not emergency shelters or emergency treatment centres.

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Affordable Housing

Brantford Native Housing offers various affordable housing units and is able to place applicants in housing specific to their household needs. Our long-term affordable housing portfolio is geared to support famillies who are having difficulties meeting full average market rents and/or to continue helping households in their transition along the housing continuum who are trying to attain full market rental living.

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BNH Housing Application Process

What is Needed?

Review the following Checklist required to complete a full application with Brantford Native Housing:
1. A Single Proof of Indigenous Ancestry- examples include but are not limited to;
a) Native Status Card
b)Letter from Band
c)Affiliated family member proof of lineage along with your brith certificate
Note - for larger household applications, the majority (50%) of family members must be of Indigenous Ancestry and in need of housing due to homelessness and/or at risk of homelessness.

2. A completed Brantford Native Housing Application Form (see buttons below) returned to staff at BNH. Housing Application Forms are available at Brantford Native Housing's main office during office hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Please make sure to select the appropriate housing suited best to your needs. Kindly refer to the list of housing options further below.