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Brantford Native Housing is a non-profit Charitable Corporation whose main objective is to provide safe, secure, and affordable rental homes for Urban Natives living in the city of Brantford . B.N.H offers housing to Status, Non-Status, Metis and Inuit families of low income. To be eligible for housing a minimum of 50% of all family members must be of Native Ancestry

Three Housing Programs allow B.N.H. to provide subsidized rental units. The subsidies allow tenants to pay approximately 25% or 30% of their earned gross income depending on the housing program for a fully serviced unit, excluding Public Utility Costs.

All applications and information are kept confidential.

B.N.H. presently has a housing portfolio of 159 homes, which are scattered, throughout the City of Brantford.

Our Vision

All Indigenous People will have safe, supported, affordable housing

Our Mission

Housing services

We provide a continuum of housing services, including::
Transitional housing
Rent geared to income

Support services

We provide culturally appropriate support services & referrals, such as:
Health education
Life skills
Legal navigation
Personal development

Our Values

  • Leadership

    We will inspire and motivate our community towards a vision of safe, supported and affordable housing. This includes a self-awareness of how all our actions will further the organization’s vision. We will provide clear direction of our goals and objectives and empower our employees and community to take the initiative and offer solutions.

  • Integrity

    We will conduct ourselves with honour, honesty and fairness and align our actions with our words. We will demonstrate our commitment to this value in our work ethic and the provision of equitable services. This will create an environment of trust among the community, staff and stakeholders.

  • Accountability

    We will accept responsibility for the achievement of the mission of the organization. We will regularly evaluate our path, acknowledge our success, and identify areas for growth. This will result in responsible, informed decision-making demonstrating high-quality service to our community.

  • Respect

    We will treat all employees, clients and stakeholders with dignity. We will value the diversity of culture, skills, backgrounds, perspectives and ideas of our community and staff. This will result in a nurturing, compassionate and respectful environment, which will contribute to the achievement of our mission.

  • Communication

    We will willingly disseminate information and seek input, listen to and consider the feedback and suggestions from others. Communication will be done honestly, respectfully and with compassion, and people will take ownership of their words and actions. Transparen  communication will result in a collaborative environment facilitating effective teamwork through unity, inclusiveness, and cooperation.

Board of Directors

Carol Burke

Director at Large

Sheri Yake


Wayne Staats


Shane Bomberry

Vice President

Andrew Trevor


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