Our Rental Unit Programs

Brantford Native Housing provides long-term affordable housing solutions to the community. BNH’s affordable housing units are geared to support households who have steady income and are still unable to secure market average rental units in the City of Brantford.

To provide a range of affordable housing solutions, our housing portfolio has agreements on title with different federal, provincial and municipal groups to help us make living attainable for our clients. Through our agreements with the Fedeal government through the Urban Native Federal Housing Program, BNH is able to deliver certain units to qualified households at subsidized rent levels no more than 25% of the combined family household income. Through our partnership with the Provincial Government, BNH is able to deliver certain units to qualified households at subsidized rents of 30% of the combined family household income. Furthermore, BNH has multiple portfolio units at which the agency works with clients to determine appropriate agreements for subsidized rental levels so that we service as many households seeking affordable living solutions in our community as possible. Notably, eligible clients for our affordable housing models must work with our dedicated staff to ensure households do not regress back to homelessness or get put in a situation where they are at risk of homelessness

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Urban Native Federal Housing Program

We own and operate 68 housing facilities with units units serviced through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation's (CMHC) Urban Native Housing Program. Native ancestry means Status, Non-status, Metis and Inuit. At least 50% of the family must be of Native ancestry. Rents are subsidized to 25% of combined family income.

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Provincial Housing Program

We own and operate 20 units through The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. Tenants are selected from the City's Co-ordinated Access System who meet program criteria for assisted housing and our mandate of Native ancestry. Rents are subsidized to 30% of combined family income.

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Non-Government Housing Program

Even though Federal and Provincial housing development funding for new housing stopped in 1993 and 1995 respectively, Brantford Native Housing has continued to address the affordable housing needs of the Native community. Since 1998, Brantford Native Housing has been adding properties to our portfolio. With these owned properties, BNH has been renting out units to households in need of affordable living solutions.

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First Nation, Inuit, Metis Urban & Rural Program

This housing program is designed, delivered and administered by and for Aboriginal people living off-reserve in urban and rural communities across Ontario and is funded by the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Support Services Corporation. The target population for housing delivered under the FIMUR program is Aboriginal individuals or families with low- to moderate-income, or those in core housing need. This program offers both Affordable and Market Rent units.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Looking for answers? Read our frequently asked questions below. If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to
call our office directly.

If I am removed from the waitlist, can I get back on with an update?

If you have been removed from the waiting list, you must re-apply and your application will be placed at the bottom of the list. The date of your re-application will be your new application date.

Will I be contacted before my application is removed from the waitlist?

No. Any applicant who has not provided updates will be removed from the waiting list. BNH sends a reminder letter asking you to provide an update. Failure to respond to the letter will result in your name being removed from the waiting list.

What if I have a complaint?

Brantford Native Housing (BNH) respects the right of children, youth, adults, families and caregivers to be heard, informed and involved in decision-making in matters affecting them. In keeping with this, all clients of BNH’s programs and services have the right to grieve or complain about any BNH decisions impacting their lives.

Clients will be informed of BNH’s grievance procedure as part of their orientation to Brantford Native Housing programs and services.

Allegations of misconduct, poor practice, or violation of clients’ rights by BNH personnel are to be reported to the program supervisor without delay. Complaints of physical or sexual abuse of children are to be reported to the Children’s Aid Society, and where required, the police. All other complaints will be investigated by the Executive Director. Contact BNH at 519-756-2205

How often should I update my application?

To make sure your application remains active on our waiting list, you MUST contact BNH every six (6) months or immediately when your address, contact information or household size, composition or income has changed.

How do I update my application?

You can call BNH and speak with the Community Relations Manager to provide updates and check your status on the waiting list. We cannot provide a precise time as to how long you will have to wait to be offered a unit, as the vacancy rate is unpredictable.

I am in immediate need of housing; does BNH offer emergency housing?

No. BNH does not provide emergency housing; tenants are selected on a first come first served basis according to the date they applied. The wait is dependent on which type of housing you are waiting for because we do have some affordable market rent units as well as subsidized units.

Can I call BNH to check the status of my application?

Yes. Applicants can call and speak with the Community Relations Manager to ensure your application was received and processed.

Have a question? Need help? Get in touch with us.