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Quick History of BNH

Research was conducted in 1985 with Housing organization in Toronto and Hamilton. These 2 organizations were 2 of the first in Ontario to participate in the Federal Urban Native Housing Program administered through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) which started in 1972.

It was noted that Brantford, even with its close proximity to the Six Nations Reserve with 10, 000 residents on reserve and with an urban Aboriginal population of approximately 5000 had no housing services.

There was interest in the community to develop a housing corporation and a Board of Directors was struck and the Letter Patent was issued Dec 12, 1986.

An application was submitted to CMHC under Section 95 (Urban Native Housing Program post 1986) and a 5 unit allocation was approved. A month or two later another CMHC allocated another 5 units; which became the modest start of our journey. We called this project 86A with the hopes of adding to our portfolio.

Ironically in 1986 CMHC announced that this program was coming to an end and a wind down process was going to be started. Fortunately the Wheels of Government move slowly.

While there was some progress In building the portfolio there was never enough Administration dollars to hire staff. Through Human Resources Development Canada Employment Strategy a Project Manager and Staff of 3 was hired. Over the years many Human Resources Development projects were conducted which helped to train many people in every aspect of program administration as well as project maintenance, development and construction.

The following is a list of projects undertaken from inception to 2018.

1986 to 1993

We researched, organized and developed 13 renovation/rehabilitation projects through the Federal Urban Native Housing Program for a total of 85 homes. Operating Agreements spanning 35 years were signed to ensure a Rent Geared to Income for Native families.

1987 to 1999

We developed Employment and Training Programs in the administration and construction/rehabilitation field.


We developed a new construction project through the Provincial Government for a total of 20 homes. Operating Agreements spanning 35 years were signed to ensure a Rent Geared to Income program for Native families.


We succeeded in securing a contract with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (now with the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services) for the delivery of Property Management Services for 42 homes in the Rural and Native Housing Program.


We purchased and renovated a 4 unit apartment building to house single men or women and negotiated a Rent Supplement Agreement with the City of Brantford to ensure rents were affordable.


We purchased and renovated an 8 unit family apartment building and negotiated a Rent Supplement Agreement with the City of Brantford to ensure rents were affordable.

1999 to 2011

We succeeded in securing an Agency Agreement with Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation for the delivery of the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program, the Emergency Repair Program and Home Adaptations for Seniors Independent Program which assists low income homeowners to bring their homes up to standards for the regions of Brant, Haldimand/Norfolk and Niagara.

2002 to 2003

We constructed 2 single detached homes on reclaimed flood plain lands.

2004 to 2006

We developed the Transitional Home Project, a 14 bed facility for Women and Women with Children.


We negotiated service agreements with the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres to deliver the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Program and the Courtwork Programs.


A 6 unit project was developed on reclaimed flood plain lands to provide Affordable housing (two are units dedicated to Disabilities, one for Mental Health and one for Physical Health).

2006 to 2018

Many funding applications were made and approved to bolster the social services being wrapped around our housing programs. Programs include:

2009 to 2014

We responded to several requests for proposals being sought by the Ontario Aboriginal Housing Services Corporation under the new First Nations Inuit Metis Urban Rural Rental Housing Program.


Contract to service the Rural and Native Housing (RNH) Program ended.