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Brantford Native Housing

318 Colborne Street East,
Brantford, Ontario
N3S 3M9

Phone: 519-756-2205
Phone: 519-756-2209
Fax: 519-756-1764

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About Us

Brantford Native Housing Facts

Brantford Native Housing is a non-profit Charitable Corporation whose main objective is to provide safe, secure, and affordable rental homes for Urban Natives living in the city of Brantford . B.N.H offers housing to Status, Non-Status, Metis and Inuit families of low income.

To be eligible for housing a minimum of 50% of all family members must be of Native Ancestry

Three Housing Programs allow B.N.H. to provide subsidized rental units. The subsidies allow tenants to pay approximately 25% or 30% of their earned gross income depending on the housing program for a fully serviced unit, excluding Public Utility Costs.

All applications and information are kept confidential.

B.N.H. presently has a housing portfolio of 159 homes, which are scattered, throughout the City of Brantford.

How to Apply

  1. An application is submitted to the Office.
  2. Your confidential information is entered on to our chronological waiting list. You must remain in contact with our office once every six months.
  3. Once your name appears near the top of the Waiting List, you will be contacted for an interview where Native Ancestry, Income Verification, and rental history is determined.
  4. Landlord checks and rent calculations will be completed.
  5. Once your application is approved, you will be notified when a suitable unit becomes available.