Native Housing

Become a volunteer

If you would like to volunteer at Brantford Native Housing or the Ojistoh House, you can contact us in the following ways:

Phone: 519-756-2205
Phone: 519-756-2209

Special Thanks

Brantford Native Housing would like to say a special thank you to Robert Brown, who has been a wonderful support and volunteer to Brantford Native Housing for over ten years! We appreciate the work you have done on the computers! Thanks Bob!

We would like to thank the Native Women's Circle, who have been instrumental in helping at many of our social events. Nya weh!

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Volunteer Opportunities

Brantford Native Housing and the Ojistoh House are always in need of committed volunteers. Volunteers are an essential component in our many events, fundraising efforts and in the striving of the Ojistoh House to fulfill its mission. We feel gratitude to the individuals that give of their time, talents and resources to contribute to a larger community effort to eliminate family violence and homelessness. In return, the volunteers can learn new skills, make new contacts and friends, as well as play an integral role in community development.

Volunteers typically assist with the following:

Although these are the areas that volunteers have contributed to our organization in the past, this is not to say that our volunteers are limited to only these experiences. People have a vast repertoire of skills and talents and at B.N.H., we are open to an individual's diversity. If you feel that you have something different to contribute or are looking for a more specific area that you would like to gain experience, talk to us about it! We will do our best to accommodate you!